LAMA is a framework for developing hardware-independent, high performance code for heterogeneous computing systems. It facilitates the development of fast and scalable software that can be deployed on nearly every type of system, from embedded devices to highly parallel supercomputers, with a single code base.

By using LAMA for their application, software developers benefit from higher productivity in the implementation phase and stay up to date with the latest hardware innovations, both leading to shorter time-to-market.

The framework supports multiple target platforms within a distributed heterogeneous environment. It offers optimized device code on the back-end side and high scalability through latency hiding and asynchronous execution across multiple nodes. LAMA's modular and extensible software design supports the developer on several levels, regardless of whether writing his own portable code with the Heterogeneous Computing Development Kit or using prepared functionality from the Linear Algebra Package, the user always gains high productivity and maximum performance.

The integration of LAMA into other software products is easy and industry-friendly due to the dual license model: both the open-source AGPL and a commercial license are offered.

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