Better packaging with CuboNester-P

CuboNester-P arranges different cuboid parts in layers in an optimized way. The software is particularly suitable for packaging disassembled furniture into packages.

Rule-based packaging
CuboNester-P plans packaging arrangements not geometrically but rule-based in layers. This is how it can consider the variety and different aspects of the parts to be packaged.

Perfect for customized packaging
CuboNester-P creates packaging plans for stacks, which can then be packaged into appropriately tailored cartons.

Once configured, the software works fully automatically
Working with CuboNester-P starts with analyzing the individual packaging requirements once and mapping them in a rules document. Fraunhofer SCAI provides support in this process at customer’s request.

Then the software needs to be connected to an existing system via an XML interface. After that, CuboNester-P creates packaging plans for, e.g., furniture orders fully automatically without a user interface.

The rules framework allows to

  • consider a maximum weight and an optimum weight
  • protect fragile parts by combining them with protective parts
    • back panels
    • narrow parts
    • angled parts
  • consider door handles
  • automatically combine similar-sized parts
  • avoid unfavorable packings where a lot of protective material is necessary
  • Fraunhofer SCAI implements further options upon customer request.

Advantages of CuboNester-P

Savings in planning time, packaging material, and shipping costs
CuboNester-P handles packaging planning fully automatically. By cleverly combining parts, the software helps to save packaging and shipping costs.

Fast calculation
The fast optimization kernel delivers packaging plans in seconds. Even large orders take only a little longer.

Planning reliability
Work with CuboNester-P can already begin at the order stage. At this early stage, users can select the packaging and transport means. In addition, they can control the production so that parts that are next to each other in the packaging are produced one after the other.

A wide range of settings
The numerous parameters of the software allow adaptation to given packing specifications.

Extension of existing systems
It is easy to connect CuboNester-P to existing systems via its XML interface.


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