Geometry check of automotive wheels

Relying on the library Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterOptoInspect3D Inline, Fraunhofer IFF and an industrial partner developed a contact-free 3D measurement system for the complete inspection of the geometrical quality of wheels. Conventional inspection techniques for the tire-wheel fit or the hub bore hole determine the position and form with tactile procedures. These methods have significant disadvantages: abrasion of the inspected parts, limited speed and restricted flexibility of the checks.

On the other hand, the newly developed, contact-free and fully automated process is so fast, that a complete geometric quality check of the wheel can be integrated into the manufacturing process. The real time 3D data processing for that purpose is handled by OptoInspect3D Inline.

The figure below shows the typical steps of such a quality check. Independent of the 3D sensor used, a point cloud of the component surface is used as a starting point for the geometry check.


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