Towards Automatic Event Detection for Crash Simulations

SimCompare is a tool for detecting events – in this context deviations, such as anomalies or strange variations in deformations – arising in the results of similar simulation runs for crashworthiness analysis using finite element (FE) models. It provides a comparison of two FE simulation results based on arbitrary node / element data functions, e.g. displacements, plastic strains, or thicknesses, and time step. The parts with the largest differences are automatically highlighted based on several comparison measures and an appropriate threshold.

User benefits

In computer-aided engineering (CAE) numerous design changes are applied within the overall design development process until the final model satisfies all design criteria. Each of the design changes has to be analyzed and its influences on the simulation results have to be compared and evaluated. SimCompare is a tool to easily analyze the impact of design changes in terms of data functions.

SimCompare automatically highlights the most relevant parts together with local hotspots with respect to design changes. Thus, users are provided insight starting with only two simulations, without the burden of manually determining the differences or the necessity of setting up a simulation data base. To document the influences of design changes, a report can be generated which is automatically adjusted for each analysis setup.

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SimCompare product sheet

The product sheet illustrates the purpose and the main features of SimCompare on two pages.

Product sheet (PDF)