MYNTS – Multiphysical Network Simulator

MYNTS GUI with an example from gas transport simulation.

MYNTS, our multiphysical network simulator, currently supports, for instance:

  • MYNTS-Gas: simulation, analysis and optimization for gas transport networks, e.g. for TSOs or caverns
  • MYNTS-Circuit: circuit simulation with tightly integrated device simulation
  • MYNTS-EPower: simulation and analysis of electrical power networks, e.g. power flow analysis

More applications of MYNTS include cooling circuits, water, energy management and oil reservoirs (in particular, for comparative analysis of history-matched scenarios). If you are interested in these or other configurations, please contact us.

Special features include:

  • user-programmable subnetworks with masters for instrumentation and control
  • atomic elements and open modeling
  • steady-state and transient calculations
  • efficient numerical kernels (multi-core)
  • several optimization tasks already pre-configured (continuous, single-criterion)
  • coupling with DesParO for metamodelling (response surfaces), intense statistical analysis and (continuous) multi-objective optimization tasks

Passive UHF sensor transponder (Fraunhofer IMS) - one circuit - potential of a transistor.


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