The ModelCompare plug-in for finite element method (FEM) pre- and post- processing tools provides a comparison of two similarly discretized FE models and portrays their differences in terms of geometry (mesh), material-ID and thickness.

ModelCompare identifies the differences between the two models based on the geometry described by the mesh and is independent of the Part ID (PID) or the NAME/TITLE of the parts. It uses specialized mapping techniques that result in extremely short run times.

User Benefits

Every organization involved in computer- aided engineering (CAE) has to deal with numerous designs that vary in geometry, material and boundary conditions. ModelCompare is a quick-look tool capable of determining the differences between two FE models, which are discretized similarly, at blinding speeds. With ModelCompare, you can quickly compare two FE models within the visualization tool of your choice without going through the burden of manually determining the differences.


  • Currently available as GNS Animator plug-in, can be adapted to other preprocessors or used as a stand-alone tool.
  • Geometry Changes between different FE-models can be determined independent of PID or NAME/TITLE
  • Multi-Parts Detection
  • New and Missing Parts or Elements Detection
  • Detection of Material-ID and Thickness Changes
  • Detection of Spotweld and RBE Changes

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