The only vendor-neutral Mapping Tool

Mapper provides advanced and robust methods to map, compare and transfer simulation results and experimental data in integrated simulation workflows. Mapper supports a growing number of native file formats and can be used in a variety of engineering applications. Mapper is a standard tool in the engineering departments of most German automotive OEMs and has been validated in the VDA/FAT working group ‘Formed Chassis Parts' for Forming to Crash workflows. 

Basic Features

  • Automatic mesh alignment 
  • Fast mapping algorithms
  • Shell-to-shell
  • Shell-to-volume
  • Volume-to-shell
  • Validation of mapping quality

File Formats

  • Abaqus (.inp) r/w/_
  • Argus/Aramis(.txt) r/_/_
  • Atos (.ply) r/_/_
  • Autoform (.af): r/_/_
  • Autogrid (.dat) r/_/_
  • Indeed (.gns): r/_/_
  • LSDyna (.key,.dyn) r/w/_
  • Nastran (nas) r/_/p
  • Pam (_M00-_M99) r/w/_
  • Pam MAP(.pc,.ps) r/_/_
  • Radioss (D00) r/_/_
  • Sysweld (.asc) r/w/p
  • vtk (.xxx) beta


Seat Systems – from Massive Forming to Crash
For accurate prediction of structural behavior of automotive seating systems the man- ufacturing history must be taken into account. Local thickness reduction, stresses, plas- tic strain or material properties from single manufacturing steps may have critical influence on product behavior.

Virtual Painting Workflows – from Stamping over Painting to Crash
In the project »VIPROF« MetalMapper enabled the transfer of mechanical parameters along the process chain stamping, welding and painting to analyze final product prop- erties in crash simulation. Here MetalMapper acted as a key technology to realize com- plex integrated manufacturing workflows.

Validation of Crash Models - Morphing Geometries between Simulation and Experiment
For the validation of crash models a direct comparison of experimental data and simulation results is an essential step. The GeoMorpher module can be used to morph non‐matching geometries in experiment and onto each other. 


Lighter Stamping Tools – use Forming Loads in Structural Optimisation
Growing complexity of automotive parts and decreasing development time neces- sitate an optimization of the structural layout of stamping tools. Germans OEMs have used MetalMapper to transfer maximal pressure loads during stamping pro- cess as input into a structural optimization environment. The optimization process thus can consider local stamping loads to determine improved designs with less total mass but same stability.

Validation of Material Model Parameters – compare Forming Results and Experimental Data
Due to the stringent requirements with respect to feasibility, stability and crash performance, exact models for the specific material behavior are required. This validation process is supported by the comparison of different simula- tion or experimental results with each other. Various OEMs have used the MetalMapper to obtain information about the deviation of results either in a section or over the whole geometry of a component.


CFRP workflows – from Draping over Moulding and Curing to Structural Analysis
For the development of high‐performance composite structures like CFRPs (Carbon fiber reinforced plastic) the integration of virtual engineering workflow is still an open issue. In a research project KIT Karlsruhe has used the MetalMapper to link the process steps from draping over molding and curing to final structural analysis of a prototype trunk lid geometry.

Structural Integrity of Blow Moulded Plastic
Components Within a research project the MetalMapper was used to transfer local material properties and orientations from the BSim simulation as initial conditions to a following structural analysis. This simulation workflow is essential for stan- dard products like plastic bottles up to complex automotive components like fuel tanks.

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