FSI Mapper

Mapping thermal Loads from FloTHERM to FEA

The FSIMapper provides advanced and robust interpolation methods to transfer cell temperature values from FloTHERM onto an arbitrary mesh in Abaqus, ANSYS or MSC.Nastran.

A new feature in FloTHERM 10 enables the export of temperature data to be used as a thermal loads in a mechanical stress simulation. 

Working with incompatible geometries

CFD and FEA usually have incompatible mesh discretizations and even non-matching geometry details. The FSI Mapper can handle such non-matching model definitions – robust mapping and extrapolation methods will provide valuable results even for crucial cases.

Easy Installation and Integration

The FSIMapper is available for Windows 32/64bit as well as Linux 64bit. The toolset consist of only a few Perl scripts and executables. The mapping process can easily be embedded into your own CAE workflows. If target models are in ANSYS a short conversion step using the ANSYS solver will be invoked by the FSIMapper.

Temperature Export from FloTHERM 10

Solid cell temperatures within a selected assembly can be exported to a new ‘.flofea’ file format. This file can then be loaded into the FSI Mapper. FLOFEA export from FloTHERM does not require an additional license.

Comprehensive User Interface

There are just a few mouse clicks necessary to transfer thermal results from FloTHERM 10 to an FEA thermal stress calculation in Abaqus, ANSYS, or MSC.Nastran:

  • Import FloTHERM result file
  • Import target FEA model 
  • Select parts and quantities to be mapped
  • Initiate mapping
  • Mapped data is automatically exported into FEA solver format

The FSI Mapper provides a broad range of visual inspection capabilities. The CFD source data as well as the target FEA model can be viewed both in synchronised and overlay mode. Cut planes, adaption of value ranges, and many other features are available.

Start thermal stress calculation

The mapped thermal fields from FloTHERM can be imported like any other externally defined loads. The exported files are fully compatible with the model file formats in ANSYS, Abaqus, and MSC.Nastran.

Basic Features

  • File-based mapping solution
  • Robust and efficient algorithms
  • Handling non-matching geometries
  • Automated model positioning
  • Volume based temperature fields
  • Interactive visualisation
  • Batch capability

File Formats – CFD

  • FloTHERM (version 10)
  • FloEFD (version 13)
  • EnSight Gold Case

File Formats – FEA

  • Abaqus (any version)
  • ANSYS (12.0, 12.1, 13.0, 14.0, 14.5)
  • MSC.Nastran (any version)
  • EnSight Gold Case

Your evaluation license

If you are interested in an evaluation license of the FSI Mapper please send a short request to Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden der E-Mailmpcci(at)

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