Exploration, Analysis and Optimization of Parameter-Dependent Problems

Computer-aided simulations of technical processes and products commonly depend on many parameters, e.g. geometrical, material and process-controlling parameters. Engineers are interested in configurations of these parameters which optimize the production process as well as product features and quality.
DesParO is a software package for intuitive exploration and automatic analysis and optimization of such parametrized problems. DesParO can be coupled with simulation packages or can be used for measurement data. In particular, it focuses on keeping the number of simulations / experiments small which are needed for analysis or optimization. Moreover, simulations / experiments follow an experimental design (design-of-experiment, DoE) and therefore can be performed in parallel. Hence, DesParO is particularly useful for time- or ressource-intensive simulation runs or costly physical experiments.

In addition to DesParO licenses, training and studies, we offer consulting for interpolation, statistics and optimization and help in setting up strategies and finding suitable methods and tools.

Interactive Environment

DesParO – Interactive Environment for the Optimization of Design Parameters

DesParO is a unique system for multiobjective optimi­zation, providing the user with complete control of opti­mization processes. Contrary to existing automatic optimization tools, DesParO allows the user to explore interactively the whole space of design variables and to find the optimal region with respect to multiple design objectives. DesParO provides the user with a global view on the design space, reveals a full set of alternative solutions and allows the user to select the truly optimal design.

Consequently, DesParO is free of common drawbacks inherent to automatic optimization tools, such as a solution stuck in a local optimum, typical for differential methods or the exhaustive numerical experimentation of Monte-Carlo-alike strategies.

The optimization algorithm of DesParO has been tested on a number of real-life multidimensional problems in automotive design, and showed excellent results for a high number of design variables and a high number of design objectives.

DesParO is available as a stand-alone application for Windows and Linux platforms or as a documented SDK for the integration into other optimization software.

left: DesParo GUI; right: Visualization of optimal design in DesParO


Optimization with DesParO

DesParO offers a classical, (semi-) automatic global-local optimization as well as an interactive visual variant. The solution of an optimization problem by means of this interactive variant proceeds through the following steps:

Step 1: Set a desired region for optimization criteria. By setting small values of crash intrusion and total mass, the several design alternatives in the parameter space become visible.

Step 2: Test the alternatives. One optimum corresponds to a larger, the other one to a smaller value of maximal velocity.

Step 3: Identify the best possible design.


Robust tolerance prediction

DesParO predicts not only the value of the design objective, but also the tolerance limits on the objective. For noisy objectives this allows to satisfy constraints in a safe manner, including the tolerance, and to obtain the best possible robust design.

Global correlation analysis

DesParO automatically recognizes a pattern of interdependencies between the optimization criteria and design variables and represents it as an easily readable color-coded diagram. The diagram indicates most influencing design variables, most sensitive optimization criteria and shows also a sign of dependency: increase, decrease or non-monotony.

Interpolation of FEM data

DesParO also provides interpolation of bulky data, such as FEM data files containing the results of numerical simulation, to the values of design variables specified by the user. This allows to visualize immediately a full solution and to inspect in detail the obtained optimal design.


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